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 School of ITEE Ethical Clearance Process

All research and coursework projects involving human subject observation or experimentation need to follow the School's ethical clearance procedures.

What is an ethical clearance process?

The ethical clearance process requires that researchers give due consideration to what it is like to be a participant in a research study.

Researchers are asked to consider and document the following:

  • Who are the participants?
  • Summarise the project - what are the goals and rationale?
  • How will participants be recruited?
  • What is the research plan - what kind of data will you gather and how?
  • Ethical considerations - what are potential ethical issues with photographing, videotape etc?
  • How will informed consent be obtained?
  • How will confidentiality and privacy be protected?
  • How will data be stored?

The ethical clearance application is then considered by a panel of experts who give advice on potential pitfalls, recommended changes and a decision regarding approval.  This process both protects research subjects and helps most researchers in the design of their studies.  It also plays an important role in the education of students regarding research ethics.

Applications are first considered at the School level.  However, if the project involves risk above the risk of everyday living and does not involve commonly accepted professional or clinical practices and procedures, the application will be referred to a higher-level University committee.  More information on the University's Guidelines for Ethical Review of Research are here.

Lodging an application

The ethical clearance form templates and further info can be downloaded from

Attach a sample consent form.

Ethical Clearance applications should be submitted to the Head of School's office.

The ITEE Ethical Clearance Panel consists of:

  • Head of School
  • Director, Research
  • Director and Alternate Director, Research Higher Degree Studies
  • RHD Student Representative